Friday, May 14, 2010

De Molen Windmill Foxton

Two hours drive from Wellington is Foxton - "The Fox town". As  there aren't any foxes in New Zealand - I always find the smiling fox brand slightly left of center - but there in lies the charm.

Foxton has always had a "kissing cousin" reputation - but who knows for sure.

It is always a lovely drive.

One of Foxton's interesting oddities is the De Molen Windmill.

The output of the windmill is delicious stone ground flour.

I'll guarantee if you make bread from this flour - you will never use any other - it is so full of flavour.

Again - it is like flour tasted before the accountants took hold - and well before we had  the disgusting Homebrand range.

They have a variety of flours including organic - well worth the day trip - and a tour through the mill is also very cool.

The fridge downstairs also contains the world famous (cough cough) Foxton Fizz.,_New_Zealand#de_Molen_Windmill

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