Monday, May 24, 2010

The Damson Collection

No. 2 product at the Mothered Goose Cafe - "The Damson Collection".

These guys specialize in Damson Plum products (if you don't already know the Damson is a perfect sweet and sour combination in one fruit - makes a great plum sauce for Chinese style duck.

The Damson jelly looks intriguing - I have been making Damson Jam for years from a tree on my section. The main pain with the Damson's- is that the fruit all seems to ripen at once!

The Damson Collection consists of:

  • Damson Paste
  • Damson Chocolates
  • Damson Liqueur
  • Damson Jam
  • Damson Jelly
  • Damson Vinaigrette

143 St. Georges Road
Havelock North
New Zealand        
Havelock North
Hawkes Bay 4157
New Zealand

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