Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chow Restuarant - Tory Street Wellington

 My mission for NZ Food Heroes - is to talk about places/foods that I enjoy and foods that interested me (plus passionate foodies of coarse!!)  - I am not a reviewer.

So yeh I really like Chow on Tory.

I think  Tory Street was the original Chow - masterpiece!

It is a place I loved - right from the first broth.

The bar is also a great place - for a drink or a cocktail. It is the sort of bar (unlike others) - where you can say make me something I haven't had before - and they will duly go to work. So in summary even waiting for a table is a pleasure.

I am actually a big fan of the noodle soups - the broth's are just exquisite.

But having said that - I am a fan of most things on the menu.

This is definitely a spot to entertain a business client - it is classy - yet laid back and fun (can be a little noisy though on a Friday night - but all part of the experience!).

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