Tuesday, May 18, 2010

42Below Vodka - Manuka Honey

Enough has already been written about this company - and often what is written is about 42Below's marketing efforts - as opposed to the actual product.

However, what I admire about 42Below - is the attention to detail - not only WAS (getting a bit boring now - the website looks old school agency now) the marketing and the packaging excellent - but the product itself was also great.

Of coarse - some things about the 42Below story seem blurry - I guess the point where we go from a home still in a garage - to a professional distiller.

The product has some really appealing flavours - my favourite being the Manuka Honey - though I also love the passionfruit (it is dry and tart!).

They also released South Gin - lovely name - lovely bottle - some innovative ingredients -  but it isn't Bombay Sapphire.

Plus I think they produced a fancy water - however the container looked like a fancy vibrator (I know it was modelled on a lava lamp).

In terms of marketing I shudder to think of someone (Ross) plying Vodka in a transparent suitcase - sounds very Bobby Brown these days - however the 42Below cocaine cutters - were cool - Don Johnson would have approved.

They have recently written a book - "Every bastard said no" which I will look forward to reading.


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