Thursday, April 29, 2010

Proper Crisps - Made in Nelson, New Zealand

Proper Crisps are the crispiest potato chips you will ever try. They are full of flavour - and massively crunchy - and are sprinkled with delicious Marlborough sea salt.

They remind me of a USA deli crisp - smaller - curly - and crispy.

As is the trend these days with gourmet foods, the batch number, the type of potato used, the date - and the name of the person who - stirred the chips is imprinted on each bag.

I tried them at the Nelson market - and they were very moreish.

It is funny what drives people to make something - that is way better than the average product - in this case the owners drove around the USA looking for the perfect "kettle".

The sell locally in Nelson - from various outlets - but can also be ordered online here: 

I would really recommend them as an upmarket bar snack - as they are dry to touch - as opposed to being oily.

A glass of beer and some propercrisps would be bliss.

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