Friday, April 30, 2010

NZ Wine Industry - Sauvignon Blanc

I have a theory that there are two types of entrepreneurs.

The "Innovative Entrepreneur" and the "Late Phase Entrepreneur".

The "Innovative Entrepreneur" is the first to try and realize an idea. They go in early - there are no benchmarks - or infrastructure to help - it is dam hard work. They are a passionate breed.

The "Late Phase Entrepreneur" goes in ... well late, when the market is at it peak. They have little background in the particular industry - but have both money and connections. To them the product is neither here nor there - it is a spreadsheet exercise.

I think we are now seeing the effects of the "Late Phase Entrepreneur" now in Blenheim.

The New Zealand savignon blanc was the best - dry, fruity with an amazing bouquet.

However the quality is not there now - no one is  sure why. I think it is because the Innovative Entrepreneur's have moved on.

At worst a "Late Phase Entrepreneur" just connects the .dots.

E.g. I know someone who has surplus low grade wine, I am mates with several international distributors - I'll take this cheap wine - wack a label of some mountain scene on the bottle - and trade heavily on the "from 'Malborough' brand "- and knock the stuff off in bulk.

At best ... hmmm I'm not sure - the industry is looking a little ill.

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