Friday, April 30, 2010

Mapua Smokehouse (Nelson) - delcious smoked fish

The Mapua Smokehouse situated in Mapua Nelson - is an institution (for well me!).

The take fish such as:
  • Warehou,
  • Makeral,
  • Southern Kingfish,
  • Mussels,
  • Tarakihi and
  • Salmon
and hot smoke them - in manuka sawdust

Interestingly the proprietor recommends that you heat the fish prior to serving - to ensure all the oils are soluble (as opposed to cold and congealed) - that way you get all the flavour.

The fish is delicious - my favourite the Warahou.

It makes such a good day trip - as the restaurant next to the smokehouse is also excellent.

In fact the whole area has blossomed.

It's a beautiful and idyllic spot.

My favourite thing to do is by the amazing fish and chips - and get some choice pieces of smoked fish to go with it. The smoked mussels are particularly delicious - and a pottle will provide a fine smokey dip for your chips as well.

Their biggest custom is Moore Wilsons in Wellington.

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