Food and Wine Trails NZ

Food trails.... here's a list of foodie things to do in New Zealand.


Summer mecca for both New Zealander's and overseas tourists a like. Nelson is known for its beautiful scenery, and its lovely food and wine. 

Here are our Nelson recommendations:

  • Fish and chips - at Haven Seafoods on Haven road in the evening... sit on adjacent seats and watch the sun dip into the water;
  • Buy some lovely Cloudy Bay Oysters from Guytons - also on Haven road;
  • Try some lovely Rochdale Cider (classic) from McCashins Brewery Shop - Stoke (main Stoke road);
  • Go to Neudorf Wines - (Upper Moutere on the inland highway heading to Motueka) - the chardonnays are incredible (take a picnic!)
  • Buy some lovely smoked fish - from the Mapua Smokehouse in... Mapua - smoked mussels delicious... use the juices as a sauce for your fish and chips... try the turbot;
  • Pick your own berries from Daelyn - Stoke,
  • Pick up some fresh apples on the way back from Mapua (in season)... straight off the tree... incredible.
  • Have dinner at the Harbour Light Bistro - on Haven Road - stunning views and food.
  • Have dinner at Cafe Affair - on Trafalgar Street, Nelson....
  • And finally discover your own treats at the Saturday - Nelson Market.. the best market in the Country!


Wellington has heaps of restaurants and bars but here are the things to do in Wellington - of the foodie kind!
  • Wellington City Market - Saturday - at Chaffers - lovely gourmet food!!.
  • Cafe L'Affare - again a Saturday morning thing... sup on coffee... eat treats... it's a place to hang out!
  • Cafe Eis - the world's yummiest ice cream... err sorry.. Gelato - go the the original store on Oriental Parade.
  • Have lunch at Nikau Cafe - in the City Arts Gallery.
  • Have dinner at Foxglove Restaurant - and try a few cocktails.
  • Browse the gourmet delights - at Moore Wilson's on Tory Street.
  • Dinner at Chow on Tory St... also recommended.
Hmmm any more recommendations and you will get too fat!

Also if you are looking for a date... go to the Oriental Bay New World.... and buy some bananas. Your sure to pull... if you hold the bananas pointed upwards.